Moray Council Economic Development have allocated £55,000 to promote participatory budgeting in Moray
and Money for Moray want to put YOU in control of how and where it’s spent.

The ‘Money for Moray’ initiative lets the local community decide for themselves which projects are needed in the area.

Projects that will:

  • Deliver economic benefit to the local community
  • Support the local economy through new or additional services/ facilities
  • Help to make Moray a better place for everyone

  • For example:

  • Promote tourism in your area
  • Improve access to facilities for people with reduced mobility
  • Start up a community Café

Your Imagination has no limit!

Ongoing running costs, such as:

  • Salaries
  • Heating & Lighting
  • Rent
  • Maintenance etc

If you are a local new or existing community or voluntary group/ organisation based in Moray
– ∗even an informal group–
you can apply for funding from £200 to £4000 to put your ideas into action.
(Only one application per group).

All activities will have to happen in Moray and must benefit the local economy.

∗Informal Groups do not need to have a constitution or a bank account but will require the support of a constituted local group or organisation prepared to accept monies on your behalf.

To apply for the funding a fully completed application must be received before 5.00pm on Friday 3rd November 2017.

You must have the necessary permissions and/or consents in place prior to making an application.

Your Project must be able to be completed within 12 months of receiving the funding.

**Groups/ organisations who work solely within the towns of Elgin, Buckie, Keith, Lossiemouth or Forres are not eligible to apply.
However, if you are based in any of these towns but the project is outwith the town area you may apply for this funding.

If your idea meets the criteria, you will be required to make a short presentation at an event open to the public which will be held in early December 2017.

All those in attendance, Aged 14+, at the event will be eligible to vote on the applications.

Downloadable pdf version is available here »

This form requires Adobe Reader to view, you can download it by clicking the image below:


Application Form

Money For Moray Application Form
Questions marked by * are required.
1. Group or Organisation's name: *
2. Your Full Name (as contact person): *
3. Address where we can write to you. (Your own address or the address of the organisation you represent) *
4. Postcode: *
5. Telephone Number: *
6. Email: *
7. What is the name of your project/idea? *
8. Where in Moray will the project take place? *
9. Describe the project you would like funding for? (in no more than 150 words) *
10. Please describe how your project will contribute to your area's economy & make Moray a better place for everyone? (in no more than 150 words) *
11. Explain how many people you think will benefit and how they will benefit from your project? (in no more than 150 words) *
12. How will you measure the economic benefit to your area? (in no more than 100 words) *
13. Is there any additional information you wish to provide? (in no more than 100 words)
14. What is the total cost of your project?
How much money are you applying for?
How much money are you contributing from your own funds?
Please detail other grants/ funding/ income sources confirmed or applied for.
Please provide a detailed breakdown on how the money will be spent i.e. an itemised list with expenditure against each item.
Proof of spend will be required so receipts must be kept. *
15. What is the amount of unrestricted funds currently held by your organisation?
If they cannot be applied to this project please explain why? *
16. Projects must be completed by 31st December 2018.
This may be extended in exceptional circumstances only.
Please state the date when you expect to complete your project. *
17. Funds will be paid by Bank Transfer.
Please provide the name of Bank Account: *
18. Name of Bank:
19. Bank Account No: *
20. Sort Code: *
21. Conditions of Grant: *

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22. Signature of Applicant (typed name is acceptable) *